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Faculty and Staff

  Faculty and Staff    

Colorado Springs School of Massage | Staff
Colorado Springs School of Massage | Deborah Alberto
Deborah Alberto

Director and Administrator, CCA, RM, LMT



Debbi is the Director and Administrator for the Colorado Springs School of Massage. She is the focal point for all things related to your training. Debbi has been involved in aromatherapy for 30 years and is a  clinically certified aromatherapist with nearly 4000 hours of aromatherapy training.  She is an LMT and completed this course of training in Oct 2017. Debbi has also been involved in the medical field in many different forms for over 20 years. Her love of aromatherapy and her passion for helping others are readily evident in the way she works with people. She is an excellent administrator with tons of experience managing in an office environment. Debbi will be happy to help you be successful in our program. You will also find that Debbi is an excellent guest instructor, so you just might have an opportunity to learn about essential oils from her.

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Massage instructor

Georgina comes to us with decades of experience as a licensed esthetician and massage professional from the UK. She completed our course of study and has been a great asset to our school. Her wonderful way of getting the point across and amazing personality make her a perfect fit. And she absolutely loves to share her wisdom and experience. It is wonderful to see her assisting and coaching her students as they present her with life problems and situations they are personally experiencing.

Georgina May

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Colorado Springs School of Massage

We have been in this facility for 8 years now and find it is in a quiet comfortable neighborhood. We are on the southwest corner of Constitution and Powers, share an ample parking area with Walgreens and the East Springs Animal Hospital. Our students also get to enjoy steeply discounted supplies through our vendor connection. Come around to the back side of our facility and look for our sign.



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