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Our Philosophy


Colorado Springs School of Massage provides a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through hard work, determination, and the sharing of in depth knowledge and experience from a seasoned staff eager to impart their wisdom. Each student's success is fostered by positive relationships with instructors and staff. We strive to participate in community events, to spread an awareness of health and self care, while actively involving our students in this rich learning environment. We foster and sustain an atmosphere of holistic healing for the students, the instructors, the staff, and our student massage clientele.

What is Therapeutic Massage?


A powerful tool for healing, therapeutic massage is basically the physical manipulation of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. Aimed at increasing efficient body functioning by invigorating some parts of the body and relaxing others, massage works virtually like magic to ease stress and relieve fatigue, quiet and soothe tension, and promote body wide relaxation.


A program of massage therapy will aid the healing process of such ailments as:  Stress and Tension, Back Pain, Headaches, Nervousness, Insomnia, Muscle Injury, Fatigue, Circulatory Problems, Depression, and Arthritis.


As a systematic tool, massage not only helps to correct system imbalances and heal injuries, but it also helps to promote body awareness, relaxation, vitality and a sense of general well-being.


In addition to the science of massage, we focus on the art of massage which involves an exchange of mental, emotional and spiritual energy. It is through this exchange of energy that the massage therapist is able to effect a holistic healing response for their client.

Massage as a healing art is enjoying a well-deserved revival. Although it has been firmly rooted in folk healing methods for centuries, it has lingered for years at the door of medical practice. Today, massage has emerged as a highly respected and enlightened practice that eases stress, relieves fatigue, soothes the aches of injury and tension, and promotes overall wellness.  Explore the ways a career in massage therapy might be right for you.
Colorado Springs School of Massage | Dr. Torry Collinson
  Torry  Collinson  
1942 - 2008
About the School's Founder


Dr. Torry Collinson received his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from the National University of Healing Arts in Chicago, Illinois after Graduating from New Life College with a B.A. in Humanities with most of the work in Applied Kinesiology. He spent three years in the United States Army during the Vietnam war, spending the majority of that time teaching Radiographic Physics in the x-ray school. Dr. Collinson moved to Colorado Springs in 1970 to start his Chiropractic practice, where he remained for more than 30 years. While there, he stayed active playing competitive fast pitch softball, basketball on the Chiropractic team, tennis and hundreds of rounds of golf to include many tournaments. He was also the President of the El Paso County Chiropractic Association and worked with several other organizations. In 1982, he founded the Collinson Massage School, which is now the oldest operating instructional institution for massage training in the state of Colorado, offering economical instruction and a high rate of student licensure. Committed to small classes and one-on-one teaching methods, “Dr. Torry” graduated hundreds of massage therapists in his 26 years of instruction and training. His contributions to the community are widespread and will be felt for decades to come. He passed away in 2008 and is sorely missed.

Colorado Springs School of Massage
Premiere Massage Therapy Training since 1982
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