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Colorado Springs School of Massage | Curriculum



We are very proud of our program and it's track record. This is a proven curriculum that has been taught for over 37 years now. And over the past ten years we have had some of the highest first time pass rate for our graduates who have taken the MBLEX national exam.


Our program is taught in a vocational format. We have a strict screening program in an effort to enroll the top performers. We expect our students to be motivated self-starters that will adhere to a regimented schedule of hard studies, diligent attention to detail, and a sincere desire to do their best. Procrastination and falling behind are not an option.


Our school is designed so that those students with day jobs can continue to work and those raising families can continue to do so with minimum time away from their responsibilities. That means that you will be able to independently structure many of your requirements around your daytime schedule. That does not mean that you will not have some requirements that will be done during normal work hours, or that you won’t need to give up some weekend time either. Please remember that this is a vocational program and our goal is to get your hours completed in a 8 month time frame.


We have our students heavily involved in business activities to bolster their business and ethics training. These activities include marketing and sporting events that will expose our students to business building activities, learning how to market and how to increase the awareness of your own business.


The goal of going through this course is to get licensed with the state of Colorado as a Licensed Massage Therapist. You must pass our course of study, pass the MBLEX National Exam, Pass a Colorado Background Investigation, and be approved by the Colorado State Department of Regulatory Agencies. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this process.

Massage Therapy Training is no candy class... there is plenty of medical vocabulary, tons of muscles to learn, and all the body systems that work in unison and partnership with each other to keep us healthy and functioning at top performance. Not to mention the practice of doing chair and full body massages in our supervised training facility. And you will learn all of that in 8 months. 


Are you ready?

Goal:  Get licensed with the state of Colorado as a

Massage Therapist

Class Schedule
Colorado Springs School of Massage | Class Schedule
  Class Schedule   

Classes are scheduled to start several times a year, we are starting a new class every 4 months which allows us an 8 month training period. Our next class starts in August and will graduate 8 months later in April, then December starts which graduates in July, then the April class graduates in December. I know its weird but it works... 


Classes are held once per week in the evening from 6:15 pm to 10:15 pm for 32 weeks. The particular class hours will be announced in advance during the enrollment period. 


The Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) portion of our program is conducted in a supervised self-study format. Students will complete at least 21 hours each week for the study of their A&P, completion of a mentorship and their required table and chair massages, which are all done outside of class time in a supervised structured environment. We also include business and marketing events as part of your curriculum. These events help you to better understand the business of massage, meeting new customers, building your confidence and helping you understand the power of marketing. 


The sum of these exceeds the Colorado State requirements for licensing as a Massage Therapist. With the intensity of this course, students are strongly encouraged to be present for every class period, as all of the testing, lesson reviews, new materials and techniques training is done in those limited hours.

Student Clinic and lab hours are just as important as this is when you will be growing in your experience and practicing all that you are learning in the classroom and structured study hours. We encourage our students to surpass their clinical requirements. The more clinic massages you do, the more likely that you will be successful after graduation.

Colorado Springs School of Massage | Certification Program
  Massage Therapy Certification Program  
Certification Program

Covered within the 700 hours:

Anatomy and Physiology - Body systems and structure


Kinesiology - Muscles, range of motion, proprioception, origins/insertions and actions


Pathology and Contraindications - Overview of pathologies, when not to do massage, and special cautions


Ethics, Boundaries, Laws and Regulations - Being successful requires that you know the rules

NeuroMuscular Techniques and Application - You will get a robust indoctrination into the many different methods available with NMT. Not a certificate course, but certainly you will be able to "fix" things with the best of them.


Business - Guidelines for a professional practice​


Hands-On Techniques - Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue, Muscle Energy techniques, Passive Manual Stretching, Alternative Modalities, and many more

Alternative modalities -  We are more than a medically oriented massage program. We strongly emphasize the importance of the “Whole Person” concept as we are more than just a physical construction of muscles and bones, we are a bio-energetic creature with energetic and emotional aspects that must never be ignored. So we  introduce Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and gentler techniques that you would use in a Palliative Care or Assisted Living facility.


Included in your training:

  • Chair Massage training

  • 20 weeks of Full-Body Massage practice in our student clinic

  • Mentoring by some of the most successful business leaders in our community

  • Marketing and Sporting Events

  • Plus many other topics explained in your syllabus


You won't be bored! This is a robust, solid training program that will put you head and shoulders above your peers.

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