Colorado Springs School of Massage | Tuition



Our tuition and fees are a total of $8,250 plus a $50 application fee. 


Our full price includes: 6 months curriculum, all textbooks, manuals and worksheets, we enroll you as a member of ABMP which provides professional liability insurance while you are our student, enrollment in the ABMP Exam Coach and 5 minute muscles (both excellent training aides) and your initial issue of classroom supplies (i.e. holster, linens, massage lotion, etc). There are no hidden costs. Larger equipment items and refills can be purchased at our school store at substantial savings.

If you would like to register for the next class, please complete an enrollment application and submit it with the application fee of $50.00. Pay Pal and Credit cards are accepted.


Here are some options for you if you need tuition assistance:


Matching Funds Program
  • Individual Development Account: The “Save up to Step out” IDA program through Reach Pikes Peak agency offers individuals a matching funds program. You save for a six month period and those monies plus an additional amount provided by the IDA program can then be applied toward your school tuition.  Small grants may also be received.  For more information or to discuss an Individual Development Account please contact Reach Pikes Peak at (719) 358-8396 or visit


Military Programs
  • MyCAA is also available for military dependents. You will find us listed on the MyCAA website as an approved occupational school. Speak with your vocational retraining counselor about a career as a massage therapist. Your certification is "portable" and when the sponsor transfers to another station your license will transfer to other states.  Visit for more information.

0% In-House Financing
  • We are partnered with TFC Credit Corporation and are now offering 4 different payment plans. This partnership will allow you to build your credit with your diligent on-time payments!

    • Our 6 month plan is our "in-house" payment plan and will require a $3000 deposit and 7 monthly payments of $750.

    • Our 12 month plan requires a $3000 deposit, a $200 application fee to our lending partner, and 12 monthly payments of $437.50 to complete your tuition payments.

    • Our 18 month payment plan requires a $3000 deposit, a $200 application fee to our lending partner, 12 monthly payments of $250.00, and 6 monthly payments of $375.00 to complete your tuition payments.


Our longer payment options (12 or 18 month) will be financed through TFC our tuition lending partner.

Graduation documents will be awarded upon course completion as long as you are current on your payments.