We offer Student Massages!

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As our students go through their training, they are required to accomplish 45 fully-documented full body massage sessions. We offer an opportunity for the general public to assist our students in completing their assignment.


Please remember that these are Massage Therapy students in training and not fully developed professionals. If you have a preference for deeper pressures we can at times recommend an exceptional performer, but always remember that these are students in training and we discourage their attempts to "fix" you. If you have medical conditions or injuries that require professional help, then please ask for one of our professional therapists who can give you the skilled treatment that you need for your more in-depth requirements. Their rates are very competitive.


We wish to emphasize that our students work in our supervised training facility. Our clinic coordinator is available to answer student questions and to assist with coaching as needed. Our student massage clinic is operated out of Joe's Body Shop, a professional massage studio that further enhances our student's learning atmosphere. Our end goal is to have the best trained massage students in the state of Colorado.

We are very proud of our students and work diligently in building their business skills. This includes encouraging them to be on time, be courteous, have their treatment areas ready for their clients, and to give their clients their fully undivided attention.


We also ask our clients to do the same for our students as they recognize that their student therapist has made arrangements to be available and on time for your scheduled appointment.


To these ends we ask the following of our clients;

-Please turn off or mute your phones for the duration of your massage so as not to distract from your session.

-Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to complete your client intake, initial interview and make payment before the beginning of your session.

-IF you are to be tardy please know that your session will end at the scheduled end time so your student therapist can be ready for their next scheduled appointment.

-IF you will be more than 15 minutes late then please call to reschedule your session. 


We thank you in advance for abiding by and recognizing the importance of these rules.


Student sessions are available by appointment for only $35.  To schedule yours, please call (719) 310-9297.


In the hopes of helping everyone stay healthy...

We have implemented enhanced sanitation efforts and have an ample supply of hand sanitizer. We continue this elevated attention to sanitation for as long as necessary.

For Massage Clients:

If you are actively sick, please reschedule your appointment. If you come in and we feel you are not healthy enough to get a massage, we will reschedule your appointment.

For Retail Customers:

Please stay home if you are actively sick. Please feel free to order online at www.debbisaromatherapy.com and we can ship to your home next day, or you can have someone come pick up your purchase for you.

For Students:

If you feel yourself coming down with something, please stay home and get better. We would rather delay classes than allow your classmates and teachers to get sick too.

For All:

If you have been potentially exposed, or recently been on a plane ride, or been on a cruise, then please allow yourself 14 days to resume your normal schedule.


This Flu Policy will remain in effect until the Corona Virus is under control.


Thank you for your understanding.



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